Triple Board Residency

Letters from the Program Directors

The Department of Psychiatry and the division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Indiana University School of Medicine are delighted to be part of the triple board program. We are very supportive of programs that encourage residents to think both biologically and psychologically. David Dunn, the residency training director for child and adolescent psychiatry and the triple board, is a child psychiatrist and child neurologist with research interests in the behavioral aspects of childhood epilepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The child and adolescent psychiatry division has a large inpatient service and an active consultation liaison service. Our outpatient clinic draws children from the entire state of Indiana. There are active clinical and research collaborations between child and adolescent psychiatry and pediatrics. We believe Indiana University School of Medicine is an environment in which the triple board resident can thrive.

Message from Dr. David Dunn - Psychiatry

dunnSmall.jpgThe Indiana University Combined Residency in Pediatrics, General Psychiatry, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is designed for the student who wants to treat the whole child. This is a program for the person that wants to understand both the medical and psychological problems of children. Our program attempts to provide integrated, comprehensive training over five years. The first year will emphasize pediatrics and the last year outpatient child and adolescent psychiatry. Years two, three, and four will offer a biopsychosocial, developmentally based training in both pediatrics and psychiatry. We are looking for adaptable, enthusiastic, bright students willing to accept the challenge of mastering three specialties. Our graduates should be well prepared for clinical and academic opportunities in pediatrics and child and adolescent psychiatry.



Message from Dr. Jerry Rushton - Pediatrics

rushton2008.JPGThe Department of Pediatrics at Indiana University is proud to be a part of the triple board program. We value the importance of behavioral medicine, psychosocial issues, and mental health in the growth and development of healthy children in today's world. IU has a long tradition of clinical service and research in a multidisciplinary environment of Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr. Morris Green, a past Chair of Pediatrics, current section head of Behavioral Pediatrics, a founding editor of Bright Futures, and winner of the prestigious Abraham Jacobi AAP Award was one of the true pioneers in the integration of family-centered behavioral care in Pediatrics. The Department of Pediatrics has been enthusiastically supportive of the combined residency program and the opportunity to strengthen our collaborations as faculty, researchers, and educators as we work together in this important process of training new triple board physicians as vital providers in the future of children. Indiana University has a great tradition of combined residency programs. IU has one of the earliest Medicine/Pediatrics training programs, which is currently the largest in the country.

In addition, the combined Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics is one of only two in the country. We expanded our experience in coordinating combined residencies by opening a Triple Board program in 1997. The Indianapolis medical campus offers a unique balance and wealth of resources within which residents learn Pediatrics along with General and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry including Riley Hospital for Children (university children's hospital), Wishard Memorial Hospital (county hospital), IU Health Methodist Hospital (community pediatric setting), the Roudebush Veterans Administration Hospital, and additional proximal sites.

We find that the combined program residents introduce a broad and diverse perspective into our program that is welcomed by fellow residents, faculty, and staff alike. These unique programs are very important options for the future of Pediatrics, and we are pleased to offer these coordinated and integrated educational opportunities.

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